Reviews & Interviews

REview of Bluewords Greening

by Libby Maxey, a senior editor at the online journal Literary Mama. Featured at Mom Egg Review.

Interview about Untrussed

Jena Christianson interviews Christine about writing in general and Untrussed in particular.

Unbound & Branded review

Celia Alvarez review's Unbound & Branded for Prairie Schooner

REview of Bluewords greening

“January 2017 Exemplars by Grace Cavalieri” in the Washington Independent Review of Books.

Review of Untrussed

by Mindy Kronenberg. Featured at Mom Egg Review.

General interview 

Christine interviewed by Eric Lochridge, author of Real Boy Blues.

Review of Bluewords Greening 

by Michael Northen at Wordgathering.


Review of Untrussed

by Patrick Hicks. Featured in Prairie Schooner.


Keeping them alive Review

Joe Wilkins reviews Keeping Them Alive for Briar Cliff Review