Writing News: "Writing from Art" story in South Dakota Magazine!

South Dakota Magazine interviewed me about "Woman Working from Women: A Poetry Ekphrasis" in the July/August issue. "Writing from Art: Exploring an ancient artistic tradition in Brookings" is the title in the "Writers & Artists" section of the magazine. How a journalist can distill a twenty minute interview into just a few hundred words never fails to amaze me. To read the article, subscribe today (https://www.southdakotamagazine.com) or if you live in South Dakota, pick up this issue locally. SDMag

Writing News: A Private Gallery Reading

SDAM2 SDAM1On Tuesday morning I gave an art-guild members only preview of my upcoming exhibit "Woman Working From Women: A Poetry Ekphrasis" at the South Dakota Art Museum. Yahoo! I'm so excited for it to open in mid-July. I read four poems that will be featured in the exhibit and fielded questions about the work of ekphrasis, or the "verbal representation of verbal representation." (More on ekphrasis in a future post.) You can hear me reading one of the poems I featured here at the Baltimore Review.